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Four Funky Fornasetti Porcelain Eye Buttons
- Porcelain transfers set in yellow metal by Piero Fornasetti

fornnasettieyes Thumbnail

Designer and Artist's Buttons:

- Ceramic Castles by Helene Mechin
- Ceramic Florals by Aldo Ajo
- Ceramic Fruit by Lachenal
- Ceramic Realistic Fox Head by Jean Clement
- Ceramic Person playing with a Ball by Jean Clement
- Paper Fish in Resin by Jean Clement
- Ceramic "S" by Jean Clement
- Ceramic sew-thru Heart by Jean Clement

clement&others Thumbnail

- Real Feather under plastic set in metal
- Unique blued Leather number-like shape
- Faux Tortoise plastic Paisleys by Ardor
- Casein 5-hole sew-thru 5-pointed Stars by Scemama
- Pierced & carved to look like bone casein 5-petal flower with a border
- Carved Beetle with openwork by Henri Hamm
- Casein Suns, carved & tinted to look like ivory by Henri Hamm

HH&others Thumbnail

- Realistic Flower in 2 colors of plastic, in BOUTONS p.92
- Wood painted to look like marble, back marked: LA. Manon BeSGDG
- Child jumping rope painted on wood by Louise Richard
- Resin with chrome by Pierre Cardin
- A multitude of rhinestones set in clear plastic
- Metal on resin Flower by Paco Raban
- Ceramic imitating Bronze by Andre Molco
- Glass in metal buttons in two transparent colors by Francois Hugo
- Ceramic Horse head with a leather backing by Bela Voros, in BOUTONS p.124
- Bowl of Fruit in white metal by Ardor
- Bat-like Head shape of fabric in cast white metal by Francois Hugo

hugo&others Thumbnail

Some of our latest Designer & Artists finds:
- Realistic suede Bear with brass OME
- Two Fish, gemstone with glass eyes
- Ardor Double Leaves, realistic, plastic
- Silver pierced Flower by Artus Bertrand
- Jean Clement Sleeping Cats, ceramic
- Jean Clement Insect, ceramic
- Jean Clement Seahorse, realistic, ceramic
- Extra-large black glass Blob with gold luster and a rosette shank
- Henri Hamm Three Snakes in casein

designer Thumbnail

Large Lachenal Lizzard Button
- ceramic with a typical Lachenal 4-way self shank

lachenalLizzard Thumbnail

Three different Schiaparelli Building Buttons:
- Eiffel Tower, Arc d'Triomphe and another

schiaparelli Thumbnail

Designer & Artist's Buttons:
- Ceramic pineapple buttons by Helene Mechen

designer Thumbnail

- Horse head button by Rhodi

horse Thumbnail

Line Vautrin & Ardor

designers1 Thumbnail

Line Vautrin, Henri Hamm, Ardor and other Artists
LV&others Thumbnail

Wood button by Henri Hamm

hhamm1 Thumbnail

Casein and Bakelite buttons by Scemama & Henri Hamm

scemama2 Thumbnail

Casein Elephant button by Scemama

scemama1 Thumbnail

Acrilic Stars with Metalized Parts by Gres

newdesigner3 Thumbnail

Designer & Artist's Buttons - Scan 6

Pierced Bronze Key Hole & Latch by Line Vautrin
Hand Carved Bone Nut by Roger Scemama
Casein Apple by Roger Scemama
Suede over brass buttons by Art de Paris

newdesigner6 Thumbnail

Rare Henri Hamm ceramic buttons

hammceramic2 Thumbnail

Ceramic Button by Tessier & Aldo Ajo
(Tessier made buttons for Schiaparelli)

tessier Thumbnail

Designer & Artists Buttons

designertoo Thumbnail

Designer & Artist's Buttons: Line Vautrin

designer22 Thumbnail

Designer & Artist's buttons
- Andre Molco & Monique Ogier

designergroupA Thumbnail

Arts & Crafts and Lucie Rie
A&C&others Thumbnail

Pierced ivory bird buttons by HŽlŽna Perdriat

birds Thumbnail

French Designer & Artist's Buttons:
- Schiaparelli, Vivian Westwood, Jean Clement, Line Vautrin, Tessier, Ardor, Francois Hugo,
Lachenal, Henri Hamm, Rhodi, Scemama, Raygene, Molco, Tregor, Louise Richard, Roussellet, Langlois

Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan 2
designer2 Thumbnail

Designer & Artist's buttons - Scan 4
designer4 Thumbnail

Vintage Ardor of Paris buttons - Scan 7
designer7 Thumbnail

Line Vautrin & Other Artist's buttons - Scan 8
designer8 Thumbnail

Jean Clement buttons - Scan 9
designer9 Thumbnail

Roger Scemama buttons - Scan 10
designer10 Thumbnail

Henri Hamm & Semama buttons - Scan 11
designer11 Thumbnail

Louise Richard, Weingott & Other Artisi's buttons - Scan 33
designer33 Thumbnail

Hugo, Oyonnox & Other Artisi's buttons - Scan 44
designer44 Thumbnail

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