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Three Buttons by Schiaparelli's artist, Jean Clement:
- Paper Fish in Resin by Jean Clement
- Ceramic Realistic Fox Head by Jean Clement

clement Thumbnail

Unusual Metal Buttons by Guiso:
- most signed with French back marks

guiso Thumbnail

Lovely Lachenal Buttons:
- Ceramic Lizard with a 4-way self shank
- Ceramic fruit in two colors

lachenal Thumbnail

Group of Designer and Artist's Buttons:
- Sailor jumping rope by Louise Richard
- Animal head? Purse? fabric & white metal by Francois Hugo
- Ceramic "thumb print" by Lucie Rie
- Torch worked black glass with gold luster tips by Fritz Lampl
- Feather DUP set in metal by Cameleon DtE
- Casein in casein flower in Boutons, p. 92

misc998 Thumbnail

Ceramic imitating Bronze by Andre Molco

molco Thumbnail

Three Sensational Buttons by Roger Scemama:
- Wood spindle shape with pyrography
- Realistic casein apple
- Casein laminated with casein bug

scemama Thumbnail

Cool Buttons by Line Vautrin:
- Talisol flower made from tooled resin with glass OME
- Ceramic funky florals, signed: LV

vautrin Thumbnail

French Designer & Artist's Buttons:
- Schiaparelli, Vivian Westwood, Jean Clement, Line Vautrin, Tessier, Ardor, Francois Hugo,
Lachenal, Henri Hamm, Rhodi, Scemama, Raygene, Molco, Tregor, Louise Richard, Roussellet, Langlois

Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan A1
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Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan A2
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Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan 2
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Designer & Artist's buttons - Scan 4
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Vintage Ardor of Paris buttons - Scan 7
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Line Vautrin & Other Artist's buttons - Scan 8
designer8 Thumbnail

Jean Clement buttons - Scan 9
designer9 Thumbnail

Roger Scemama buttons - Scan 10
designer10 Thumbnail

Henri Hamm & Semama buttons - Scan 11
designer11 Thumbnail

Louise Richard, Weingott & Other Artisi's buttons - Scan 33
designer33 Thumbnail

Hugo, Oyonnox & Other Artisi's buttons - Scan 44
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