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Three Buttons by Schiaparelli's artist, Jean Clement:
- Paper Fish in Resin by Jean Clement
- Ceramic Realistic Fox Head by Jean Clement
- Ceramic Realistic Hippocampus by Jean Clement

clement Thumbnail

Unusual Metal Buttons by Guiso:
- most signed with French back marks

guiso Thumbnail

Two Extra-large Wood Buttons by Henri Hamm:
- Triple flower design
- Oval pierced Scarab with inset casein eyes

Hamm Thumbnail

Lovely Lachenal Buttons:
- Ceramic Lizard with a 4-way self shank
- Ceramic fruit in two colors

lachenal Thumbnail

Group of Designer and Artist's Buttons:
- Sailor jumping rope by Louise Richard
- Animal head? Purse? fabric & white metal by Francois Hugo
- Ceramic "thumb print" by Lucie Rie
- Torch worked black glass with gold luster tips by Fritz Lampl
- Feather DUP set in metal by Cameleon DtE
- Casein in casein flower in Boutons, p. 92

misc998 Thumbnail

Ceramic imitating Bronze by Andre Molco

molco Thumbnail

Nylon with chrome by Pierre Cardin

pierrecardin Thumbnail

Three Sensational Buttons by Roger Scemama:
- Wood spindle shape with pyrography
- Realistic casein apple
- Casein laminated with casein bug

scemama Thumbnail

Cool Buttons by Line Vautrin:
- Talisol flower made from tooled resin with glass OME
- Ceramic funky florals, signed: LV

vautrin Thumbnail

French Designer & Artist's Buttons:
- Schiaparelli, Vivian Westwood, Jean Clement, Line Vautrin, Tessier, Ardor, Francois Hugo,
Lachenal, Henri Hamm, Rhodi, Scemama, Raygene, Molco, Tregor, Louise Richard, Roussellet, Langlois

Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan A1
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Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan A2
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Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan 2
designer2 Thumbnail

Designer & Artist's buttons - Scan 4
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Vintage Ardor of Paris buttons - Scan 7
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Line Vautrin & Other Artist's buttons - Scan 8
designer8 Thumbnail

Jean Clement buttons - Scan 9
designer9 Thumbnail

Roger Scemama buttons - Scan 10
designer10 Thumbnail

Henri Hamm & Semama buttons - Scan 11
designer11 Thumbnail

Louise Richard, Weingott & Other Artisi's buttons - Scan 33
designer33 Thumbnail

Hugo, Oyonnox & Other Artisi's buttons - Scan 44
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