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Four Funky Fornasetti Porcelain Eye Buttons
- Porcelain transfers set in yellow metal by Piero Fornasetti

fornnasettieyes Thumbnail

Designer and Artist's Buttons:

- Ceramic Castles by Helene Mechin
- Ceramic Florals by Aldo Ajo
- Ceramic Fruit by Lachenal
- Ceramic Realistic Fox Head by Jean Clement
- Ceramic Person playing with a Ball by Jean Clement
- Paper Fish in Resin by Jean Clement
- Ceramic "S" by Jean Clement
- Ceramic sew-thru Heart by Jean Clement

clement&others Thumbnail

- Realistic Flower in 2 colors of plastic, in BOUTONS p.92
- Wood painted to look like marble, back marked: LA. Manon BeSGDG
- Child jumping rope painted on wood by Louise Richard
- Resin with chrome by Pierre Cardin
- A multitude of rhinestones set in clear plastic
- Metal on resin Flower by Paco Raban
- Ceramic imitating Bronze by Andre Molco
- Glass in metal buttons in two transparent colors by Francois Hugo
- Ceramic Horse head with a leather backing by Bela Voros, in BOUTONS p.124
- Bowl of Fruit in white metal by Ardor
- Bat-like Head shape of fabric in cast white metal by Francois Hugo

hugo&others Thumbnail

Some of our latest Designer & Artists finds:
- Realistic suede Bear with brass OME
- Two Fish, gemstone with glass eyes
- Ardor Double Leaves, realistic, plastic
- Silver pierced Flower by Artus Bertrand
- Jean Clement Sleeping Cats, ceramic
- Jean Clement Insect, ceramic
- Jean Clement Seahorse, realistic, ceramic
- Extra-large black glass Blob with gold luster and a rosette shank
- Henri Hamm Three Snakes in casein

designer Thumbnail

Large Lachenal Lizzard Button
- ceramic with a typical Lachenal 4-way self shank

lachenalLizzard Thumbnail

Three different Schiaparelli Building Buttons:
- Eiffel Tower, Arc d'Triomphe and another

schiaparelli Thumbnail

Line Vautrin, Henri Hamm, Ardor and other Artists
LV&others Thumbnail

Casein and Bakelite buttons by Scemama & Henri Hamm

scemama2 Thumbnail

Casein Elephant button by Scemama

scemama1 Thumbnail

Casein Apple by Roger Scemama

newdesigner6 Thumbnail

Pierced ivory bird buttons by Helena Perdriat

birds Thumbnail

French Designer & Artist's Buttons:
- Schiaparelli, Vivian Westwood, Jean Clement, Line Vautrin, Tessier, Ardor, Francois Hugo,
Lachenal, Henri Hamm, Rhodi, Scemama, Raygene, Molco, Tregor, Louise Richard, Roussellet, Langlois

Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan A1
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Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan A2
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Designer, Vanity & Artist's buttons - Scan 2
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Designer & Artist's buttons - Scan 4
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Vintage Ardor of Paris buttons - Scan 7
designer7 Thumbnail

Line Vautrin & Other Artist's buttons - Scan 8
designer8 Thumbnail

Jean Clement buttons - Scan 9
designer9 Thumbnail

Roger Scemama buttons - Scan 10
designer10 Thumbnail

Henri Hamm & Semama buttons - Scan 11
designer11 Thumbnail

Louise Richard, Weingott & Other Artisi's buttons - Scan 33
designer33 Thumbnail

Hugo, Oyonnox & Other Artisi's buttons - Scan 44
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