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Hallmarked Silver Livery Crest Crown & Peacock Feathers Buttons Set:
- chased and engraved, Chester 1833

liverycrown Thumbnail

Hallmarked Silver Livery Crest Incised Rooster Button
- London 1932 Maker: J P & Co

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Trays of Assorted Livery & Crest Buttons

Finely detailed breast & cuff buttons
of interesting livery crests
acheivements, coat of arms, initials & mongrams.
Some silverplated or gilded with a loop metal shank.
Some are made out of horn.
Some of the families are identified.
Various backmarks.
Ruler at bottom of each scan for measuring.

Livery Crests - Scan A
liveryA Thumbnail

Livery Crests with Family Mottos on Belts & Banners - Scan B
liveryB Thumbnail

Livery Crests with Coronets of Rank & Surmounts - Scan C
liveryC Thumbnail

Livery Badges, Crowns/Coronets etc... - Scan D
liveryD Thumbnail

Small Livery & Crests - Scan E
liveryE Thumbnail

Livery Crests: Objects & People - Scan F
liveryF Thumbnail

Livery Coat of Arms/Achievements - Scan H
liveryH Thumbnail

Livery Initials & Mongrams - Scan I
liveryI Thumbnail

Trays of Assorted Crest & Badge Buttons in Positions of Attitude

Livery Buttons - Scan K
liveryK Thumbnail

Tray of Assorted Coat of Arms & Badge Buttons of Cities, Burough's & Municipal Corporations

Coat of Arms Buttons - Scan L
liveryL Thumbnail

Trays of Assorted Livery & Crest Buttons

Livery Crests: Plant Life - Scan J1
liveryJ1 Thumbnail

Livery Buttons: Fabulous Creatures - Scan J2
liveryJ2 Thumbnail

NBS Large & Large-medium Size Livery Buttons - Scan J5
liveryJ5 Thumbnail

Livery Women's Lozenges - Scan J6
liveryJ6 Thumbnail

Livery Cests: Animals & Birds - Scan J7
liveryJ7 Thumbnail

Scottish Piper's Buttons - Scan A1
pipersA1 Thumbnail

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