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Unusual Wood Buttons
Scan - N44:

N44 Thumbnail

Burwood & Syroco Buttons
Scan - N45:

N45 Thumbnail

Russian Lacquer Wood Buttons of People
Scan - N46:

N46 Thumbnail

Gutta Percha Flower on Wood Buttons
Scan - N47:

N47 Thumbnail

Tooled Leather on Wood Buttons
Scan - N49:

N49 Thumbnail

Wonderful Wood & Bamboo Buttons:
- Owls, hand painted, pierced wood
- Bee, elephant & lobster laser cut on bamboo
- Artsy Tree, hand painted wood: extra large
- Deer in a sunny scene, hand painted wood square : extra large

woods Thumbnail

Mahagony Wood Daffodil Button:
- hand made by Harriett Pottruff for the Mt. Rainer Daffodil Festival

wooddaffodil Thumbnail

Many Cards of Burwood Buttons:

Burwood Buttons - Scan A
burwoodA Thumbnail

Burwood Buttons - Scan A1
burwoodA1 Thumbnail

Many Cards of Wood Buttons:

Wood Background & OME Buttons - Scan 1
wood1 Thumbnail

Wood Background & OME Buttons - Scan 3
wood3 Thumbnail

Wood Background & OME Buttons - Scan 3D
wood3D Thumbnail

Wood Buttons - Scan 4
wood4 Thumbnail

Wood Laminated & Inlay Buttons - Scan 5
wood5 Thumbnail

Wood with Plastic Laminated Buttons - Scan 6
wood6 Thumbnail

Fun Wood Buttons - Scan 8
wood8 Thumbnail

Fun Wood Buttons - Scan 8A
wood8A Thumbnail

Assorted Wood Buttons - Scan 8B
wood8B Thumbnail

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