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French Fop Metal Buttons
Scan - N38:

N38 Thumbnail

French White Metal Buttons
Scan - N39:

N39 Thumbnail

US Political and Uniform Buttons
Scan - N40:

N40 Thumbnail

Ceramic Nerikomi Buttons by John Quimby
Scan - N41:

N41 Thumbnail

Ceramic Buttons by Anna Hranovsk
Scan - N42:

N42 Thumbnail

Cheshire Weskit Buttons
Scan - N43:

N43 Thumbnail

Unusual Wood Buttons
Scan - N44:

N44 Thumbnail

Burwood & Syroco Buttons
Scan - N45:

N45 Thumbnail

Russian Lacquer Wood Buttons of People
Scan - N46:

N46 Thumbnail

Gutta Percha Flower on Wood Buttons
Scan - N47:

N47 Thumbnail

Ruskin Pottery Buttons
Scan - N48:

N48 Thumbnail

Tooled Leather on Wood Buttons
Scan - N49:

N49 Thumbnail

Transfers on Pearl & Shell Buttons
Scan - N50:

N50 Thumbnail

Lacy Glass Buttons
Scan - N51:

N51 Thumbnail

Imitation Wood Black Glass Buttons
Scan - N52:

N52 Thumbnail

Tintype & Other Photographic Buttons
Scan - N53:

N53 Thumbnail

Cinnabar Buttons from the Collection of John Quimby
Scan - N54:

N54 Thumbnail

Chinese Cinnabar Buttons
Scan - N55:

N55 Thumbnail

Hand Made Buttons by Frank Rossi
Scan - N56:

N56 Thumbnail

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