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New Acquisitions - Scan A
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New Acquisitions - Scan B
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New Acquisitions - Scan C
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New Acquisitions - Scan E
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Belgium Forest Service Ranger Uniform Buttons
- backmark: F. Van Malderen Bruxelles

acorns Thumbnail

Group of Mammal & Other Animal Buttons
- Kittens in a basket with twinkle border, NBS medium size
- Kangaroo, realistic carved pearl
- Cats, mice and a beach ball in incised & painted bone
- Cat head in white metal with the ears sticking above the border
- Camel in the desert, painted bone with a metal Bidri border
- Rams head, realistic casein with two shanks close together
- Smiling fox head, tinted brass head & border on bakelite
- Frog, x-large pottery

animals Thumbnail

Extra-large Metalized Artid Buttons
- People, Gods & Birds

artids Thumbnail

Funny & Beautiful Bird Buttons
- "The Eagle and the Snake" fable, stamped & tinted brass
- Crowing Rooster, pierced copper with paste trim
- Crane with wings spread open, Extra-large carved & pierced casein
- Funny Penguins, ceramic realistic sew-thus

birds Thumbnail

Victorian Celluloid Buttons
- Scalloped design on Ivorine
- Bamboo stalks & leaves
- Belt & buckle with pierced metal & faceted cut-steel OME
- Crescent moon & flower with faceted cut-steel OME
- Romantic subjects in hexagons, white metal perforate’s

celluloid Thumbnail

Asian Jade Buttons
- Floral shaped sew-thru's

jade Thumbnail

People & Mythological People Buttons
- Medea in a handkerchief corner border, brass with tole finish
- Joan of Arc buttons, white metal
- Horse & Rider jumping a fence, 2-piece stamped brass
- "Little Lord Fauntleroy and His Dog", stamped & tinted brass
- Bare butt & naked beings on buttons

people Thumbnail

Russian Lacquer Buttons
- Santa playing a cello
- Hands with wine "toasting"

russians Thumbnail

1976 Torch Buttons with a Border of Stars
- enamel with an unusual Asian fan backmark

torch Thumbnail

Amethyst set in Faceted Glass/Crystal Button
- high dome contour shape

amethyst&glass Thumbnail

Robust Red Bakelite Buttons
- Mushroom realistic
- Art Deco Saturn-like shape
- Fantasy Bugs

bakelites Thumbnail

Enamel Racing Buttons
- Jockey outfit from Sundown Park, England
- Realistic racing cars

enamelcars&jockey Thumbnail

Arts & Crafts and other Enamel Buttons
- Arts & Crafts style enamel Celtic design, The Isle of Man triskelion backmark
- Arts & Crafts style enamel turn over design
- Two Asian Cloisonne buttons of flowers inside interesting shapes
- Violets on Hallmarked silver: Birmingham 1906, maker: L.E

enamels Thumbnail

Crossed arrows in front of a club symbol or tied with a bow Buttons
back mark: "L.G. J. & F. PATENT"
- modified square shape

guttapercha Thumbnail

Group of Modern Glass Buttons
- DIG (Design In Glass) spider on her web
- Pansy, painted lavender glass realistic
- Artist's pallet, painted brown glass realistic

modernglass Thumbnail

Acrylic Shot Buttons
Scan - N97:

N97 Thumbnail

Arts Deco & other Modern Glass Buttons
Scan - N98:

N98 Thumbnail

Damascene and Niello Buttons
Scan - N99:

N99 Thumbnail

Giraffe Near Trees Buttons
- Paris backmark: AP & Cie PARIS

PBgiraffs Thumbnail

Two Mushrooms on a Button in Two Colors
- Laser etched pearl

pearlmushrooms Thumbnail

Peasant Silver Filigree Buttons
- Extra-large Austro-Hungarian, 1 & 3/4" tall, marked GR on the toggle
- Delicate filigree balls

peasantsilver Thumbnail

A Most Unusual Japanese Shakudo Button
- depicting a Sole (fish) hanging from a tree branch

shakudosolefish Thumbnail

Sporting & Jockey Club Buttons
- Silvered & chased copper running fox, backmark: Firmin & Sons Ld 153 Strand London
- Jockey Club, brass, backmark: Mon Delogueil 15 Quai de Conti

sporting&jackeyclub Thumbnail

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