Briare France


            In May of 2005

Jane Quimby & Deborah Hanson and a small group of china button collectors from the National Button Society, visited Briare, France to tour the Bapterosses Button, Bead & Tile factory which had been in production since the 1850's. In the 1950's, the factory ceased making buttons and beads but continues to manufacture tiles to this day.

That day in 2005, the group had a tour of the tile making part of the factory, and the Bapterrosses museum.

The displays of buttons were very impressive--
everyone saw china buttons they had never seen before and which are not documented in the Guide to Collecting China Buttons. 

A rumor had been heard before the trip that there was a dump in Briare that had been used by the factory for seconds, overstock, end of the day floor sweepings, and outdated styles. After some questioning of Briare townspeople that day, we learned not only that the dump existed, but how to get to it!! We hurried to find what lay hidden away. In fact, the dump was the size of two football fields, and 20 feet high.

The surface was simply tiles, buttons, and beads, of all colors and shapes and  sizes. We pocketed many buttons, and felt elated at the finds. Later that year, at the NBS convention, Janet White, Jody Behrbaum and Jane Quimby presented pictures (taken by Deb Hanson) and information about the visit to Briare and the museum and the dump.

    Two years later when the NBS convention was to be in Texas, Jane was asked to present another program about the Bapterosses  production of china buttons. Thus, Jane & Deborah traveled back to Briare to again visit the museum, take more photographs, and to dig in the Bapterosse factory dump. They spent four days digging and found many china buttons that had never made it to the US! 

Jane & Deborah traveled to Briare several times to gather information for the program in TX. They unearthed many more “lost”  china buttons during those visits.

At the end of every visit Deborah would go to the museum to take photographs of the original sample card that each discovered (in the dump) button was on, to document that the buttons came from this factory.

Since Jane & Deborah have been to the museum so many times, they have gotten to know the people that work there and have met the curator. The curator has given Jane & Deborah  permission to take photographs of all of their original salesman sample cards of buttons. They are working now on compiling all of these photographs for a book.

Jane & Deborah continue to visit the Bapterosses museum and factory dump to dig and document china buttons.



Click this link to view and download Jane & Deb’s china button finds from Briare, France & other countries. 

Click this link to see a little video of Jane, Deb and their friend Sandy digging

in the Bapterosses factory dump:

Click this link to go to the Bapterosses Factory museum website.