Byson Buttons

Our website name is derived from: the BY in Quimby and the SON in Hanson.

Jane Quimby

for many years had a cottage industry knitting one of a kind sweaters in New York City.
The buttons for the cardigans came from Tender Buttons. Later, I was selling
general antique and collectible smalls for some years before buying three large boxes
of carved bakelite coat buttons because they were so great looking. I learned through
putting those buttons up for sale at Brimfield that there are many people interested in buttons,
as well as an endless fascinating array of buttons, and lots of button shows to attend.
Slowly over time the love of buttons overtook the attraction to collectible pottery, glass,
kitchen utensils, and framed art. My apartment, basement and garage are just full of buttons now.

jane's art
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jane's art
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Deborah Hanson

is an artist, photographer and web designer with a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.
I have been "in buttons" since 1984, but I remember playing with my mother's button box as a child.
I have been collecting Livery buttons for the last 15 years and continue to love the fantastic images.
Having gained an extensive background about buttons and button lore while employed with
Tender Buttons in New York City, I joined forces with Jane Quimby in the new millennium to create
We sell buttons at the various button shows, on ebay, Wild Wednesday, through mail order and this web site.

deb's art
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jane's art
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