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Funny & Beautiful Bird Buttons
- "The Eagle and the Snake" fable, stamped & tinted brass
- Crowing Rooster, pierced copper with paste trim
- Crane with wings spread open, Extra-large carved & pierced casein
- Funny Penguins, ceramic realistic sew-thus

birds Thumbnail

Big Bird Buttons
Scan - N35:

N35 Thumbnail

Bird with its head in a ring button:
- brass with a wood background

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Cards of Birds in Assorted Materials

Bird Buttons - Scan AA
birdsAA Thumbnail

Bird Buttons - Scan B1
birdsB1 Thumbnail

Nesting Bird Buttons - Scan B2
birdsB2 Thumbnail

Bird Buttons - Scan B22
birdsB22 Thumbnail

Owl Buttons - Scan 3
birds3 Thumbnail

Rooster & Hen Buttons - Scan H
birdsH Thumbnail

Bird (Water Birds) Buttons - Scan 5
birds5 Thumbnail

Bird (Peacocks) Buttons - Scan 6
birds6 Thumbnail

Water Bird Buttons - Scan 7
birds7 Thumbnail

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