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Creative Ceramic Buttons
Scan - N7:

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Ruskin Pottery Buttons
Scan - N48:

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French Ceramic Buttons
Scan - N60:

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Ceramic & Porcelain Buttons:
- Wedgwood Urns, all back marked
- Wedgwood Rampant Lion, set in metal, back marked
- Wedgwood Roman Heads, set in metal, Hallmarked
- Porcelain Clowns by Mary Garland, 1992
- Horse & Rider, transfer on porcelain set in metal
- Penguin, transfer on porcelain

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Realistic Ceramic Men Buttons:
- soldiers wearing pith helmets, man wearing a headdress

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Cards of Porcelain & Ceramic buttons:

Nursery Rhyme Ceramic Button Sets - Scan B
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Ceramic Buttons - Scan 1
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Ceramic Buttons - Scan 2
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Ceramic Buttons - Scan 3
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Jasperware Buttons<
- by Shirley Shaw, Stella Rzanski and other makers

Japserware Buttons - Scan 5
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Japserware Buttons - Scan 6
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Beautiful wedgwood-style Jasperware buttons!
These are ceramic bisque buttons, each with a self shank,
were designed and signed by Shirley Shaw or Stella Rzanski
from Ohio, each signed and dated by the artist.
See: "A Reference Book On Studio Button Makers"
by Jane S. Leslie, p.79.
Ruler at the bottom of scan for measuring.

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