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Fun & Unique Buttons:
- flowers painted on plastic, possibly by Brooks
human skull, tinted & laser-cut vegetable ivory
- casein dice in a basket
- realistic felted cats
- casein realistic book
- dog nose, black plastic with elongated shank
- painted wood clothed mice; early Mickey Mouse?

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Cards of Goofies & Fun buttons:

Beatrix Potter buttons - Scan 4
plasticrealistics4 Thumbnail

Pleastic Realistic Casein Buttons - Scan 2
plasticrealistics2 Thumbnail

Pleastic Realistic Buttons - Scan 22
plasticrealistics22 Thumbnail

Goofies & Fun buttons - Scan B
plasticrealisticsB Thumbnail

Goofies & Fun buttons - Scan C
plasticrealisticsC Thumbnail

Goofies & Fun buttons - Scan E
plasticrealisticsE Thumbnail

Disney & Fun buttons - Scan D
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Peanuts Comic buttons - Scan D1
plasticrealisticsD1 Thumbnail

Snap-together buttons - Scan J
plasticrealisticsJ Thumbnail

Snap-together buttons - Scan J1
plasticrealisticsJ1 Thumbnail

Snap-together buttons - Scan J2
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Snap-together buttons - Scan J3
plasticrealisticsJ3 Thumbnail

Disney Snap-together buttons - Scan J4
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