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18th & 19th Century Enamel Buttons:
- 19th c. enamel foil flowers in a container with unusual floral border
- 18th c. enamel overall pattern with encrustations border

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18th Century Goldstone Button:
- set in silver with paste border

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18th Century Buttons:
reverse-painted under glass set in metal
- Insect
- The Louvre

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Pretty Porcelain Buttons:
- Minton porcelain flowers, signed
- 18th c. Mennecy porcelain flowers

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Animal Life Buttons:
- Cute metal realistic poodle heads
- Metal realistic scarabs

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Animal Buttons:
- Cow, stamped brass, NBS extra-large size
- Persian, animals frolicking among plants, unmarked silver, NBS large size
- Stag head with leaves, 2-piece white metal, NBS large size
- Cats in a shoe, stamped & tinted brass with openwork, NBS small size
- Camel in a modified square, French aluminum, NBS large size

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Deer Head Button with a Border of Thistles
- Scottish kilt or sporting button ?

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Bamboo Buttons:
- animals and skulls

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Mammal Buttons:
- Sculptural Lion head with paste OME
- Roaring Lion heads, stamped brass
- Prancing Greyhound, brass escutcheon over casein
- Lioness guarding her prey in pierced brass - Cat sitting in a basket, stamped & tinted brass
- Monkey sitting on rocks, laser cut bamboo

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Animal Buttons:
- Bucking & Galloping Horses, made by Fredrick Welch for Wedgwood set in silver, signed: FAW SILVER
- Smiling fox head, tinted brass head & border on bakelite
- Bull fighter with bulls border, copper on casein
- Cows with movable legs, plastic & rope
- Howling wolf or dog, carved casein

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Bakelite & Plastic Buttons:
- Front and back of Three of hearts cards, painted bakelite
- Art Deco sailboats, casein on casein
- Three movable bakelite circles on plastic
- Casein realistic hats with movable metal brim

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Funny & Beautiful Bird Buttons
- Enamel Swallow with flower inner border, pierced brass with faceted cut-steel outer border
- Rooster crowing with verbal Good Morning, stamped & tinted brass
- "The Eagle and the Snake" fable, stamped & tinted brass
- Peacock, pewter with a head shank, back marked: Battersea 2006 Fine Pewter
- Clothed Rooster playing a guitar, back marked: TW & W PARIS
- Rooster crowing on top of wheat sheath, stamped brass with tole finish
- Two Parrots reverse-painted & foil underneath acrylic

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Elaborate Owl Buttons:
- hand painted & lacquered pierced wood

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Celluloid and Casein Buttons:
- Ivoroid building scene
- fabulous Creature, casein with wax resist technique

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Celluloid & Ivoroid Buttons:
- Football in a high couture oval shape
- Old car with drivers
- brass Knight's helm, armor & plume over an ivoroid background
- Asian pagoda & birds scene tight top

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Ceramic, Pottery & Buttons of Other Materials:
- St. Theresa by Edna Babington, Jasperware, signed, Oct. 1, 1973
- Wedgwood Urn, back marked: "Wedgwood made in England, E 77"
- Koala bear, signed "D"
- Victorian garment top on a shield
- Marine scene, Leek Pottery
- Corn near a fence line by Izzi, black glass with carnival luster

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Pretty Porcelain Buttons:
- Minton porcelain flowers, signed
- 18th c. Mennecy porcelain flowers

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Ceramic & Pottery Buttons:
- Ruskin pottery hexagon shape, signed: RUSKIN
- Moorcroft pottery buttons
- Porcelain sepia tinted Ship & harbor scene
- Ceramic Pegasus flying
- Ceramic crustacean in an oval shape
- Zia pueblo pottery Native American birds

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Designer Artist Buttons:
- Leaf design, resin set in metal by Molco? NBS medium size
- Seated monkey eating, ceramic by Jean Clement, NBS medium size
- DUP (Design Under Plastic) set in resin by Molco, NBS medium size
- Realistic bird head, sculptural ceramic by Monique Ogier, NBS large size
- Extra-large Raffia & plastic cord, in Loic Allio's book BOUTONS, p.269

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Talosel Button by Line Vautrin:
- mirrored glass embedded in resin

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"Walk Like An Egyptian"

- Egyptian funerary mask buttons
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Plique-a-jour Buttons:
- in a modified square shape

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Enamel & Cold Enamel Buttons:
- Ship & Mountain scene, Deccan silvered metal with enamel, NBS medium size
- Christmas Tree, cold enamel with rhinestones, NBS large size
- Egyptian God & servant, enamel on copper, NBS large size
- Border of thistles around enamel, NBS large size
- Flowers overall pattern, painted enamel on copper, NBS large size

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Beautiful Enamel Buttons:
- cloisonne, champleve and polychrome

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Arts & Crafts and other Enamel Buttons
- Arts & Crafts style enamel Celtic design, The Isle of Man triskelion backmark
- Arts & Crafts style enamel turn over design
- Two Asian Cloisonne buttons of flowers inside interesting shapes
- Violets on Hallmarked silver: Birmingham 1906, maker: L.E

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Beautiful Enamel Buttons:
- Red Rose of Lancaster, hallmarked silver
- Small enamel over foil by Charles Horner
- Pained enamel flower on silver with flower border
- Blue enamel with roses, pieced brass interrupted leaves border
- Asian enamel container, set in pieced silver, scalloped shape
- Enamel lighthouse & sailboat with faceted cut-steel border
- Cloisonne enamel plant life design set in brass
- Enamel set in hallmarked silver, Liberty & C0. Cymric, Birmingham 1901
- Late 18th - early 19th c. cobalt enamel spindle shape with embedded foil border

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Enamel Buttons:
- Basse-Taille light green enamel set in unmarked silver with grey enamel on the back
- Art Nouveau Iris surrounded by leaves
- Man and woman with birds perched on their hands
- Foil Fleur-de-lys, stars & design in a cobalt enamel modified square

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1976 Torch Buttons with a Border of Stars
- enamel with an unusual Asian fan backmark

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Fabric Buttons:
- 18th c. Passementerie with thick thread back
- Velvet thistle with pad back
- Beaded flowers with beaded back

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Modern Betty Boop Garter Buttons
- some with moveable ribbons!

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French White Metal Pictorial Buttons:
- French Fop posing, NBS medium size
- Asian person playing a wind instrument, NBS medium size
- Man & horse jumping a fence, marcasite OME, NBS large size
- Clowns clowning, NBS medium size

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Asian Jade Buttons
- Floral shaped sew-thru's

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Turquoise Chips Gemstone Buttons
- set in pierced silver

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Glass Buttons:
- Star with circles, reverse painted glass in metal
- Birds and Bird House, caramel glass with a dark decorative finish
- Geisha with an Umbrella, sepia tinted white glass
- Blown clear glass domes with blue glass overlay
- Jimmy Carter, sulphide in a paperweight by Theresa Rarig

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Clear & Colored Glass Buttons:
- Unique painted orange glass flowers with 4-way box shank
- Pierced caramel glass flowers, 2-hole sew-thru

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Amethyst set in Faceted Glass/Crystal Button
- high dome contour shape

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Rare Cheshire Jewel Button:
- #22, Clambroth & purple glass, NBS small size

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Colorful & Jeweled Buttons:
- Austro Hungarian jewel button
- 19th c. Cobalt enamel set in silver with paste OME
- 19th c. multi-colored faceted cut-steel on silvered brass

19thcetc Thumbnail

Unusual Jeweled Buttons:
- 18th c. Faceted Crystal set in silver
- Div. I jeweled button with openwork and unique border

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Austro-Hungarian Jeweled Button:
- gilded silver filigree, gemstones & shell

18thc Thumbnail

Jewel Buttons:
- copper floral, plant life and Gay '90's

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Enamel Insect Buttons:
- butterflies, praying mantis, grasshopper and dragonfly

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The Largest Wood 6-hole Bee Button:
- Pyrography on birch, 6" diameter

xlgbee Thumbnail

Buttons of Different Materials:
- Horn Harp button worn by Guinness workers
- Gutta Percha crossed arrows in a modified square shape, back marked: "L. G. J. & F. PATENT"
- Resin with bird seeds embedded on the top, back marked: "RAYGENE PARIS"
- Paper under resin, Teddybear having tea, signed: "Shirley"

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Buttons Made From Unusual Materials:
- Coconut shell with photographic transfers of people
- Antler with turquoise chips inlay
- Wood with Pyrography sewing implements and French words "made by myself""
- Dutch woman in native costume, molded plastic

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Paper Russian Mache & Painted Wood Buttons:
- Cross with white flowers, signed by the artist
- Church scene, signed by the artist
- Identifiable man, signed by the artist

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Wood & Wood Background Buttons:
- Laser etched spool, thread and needle
- Steel & brass floral design set in wood
- Carved leopard or cheetah head
- Woman wearing a headdress, brass over a wood background
- Flower fairy, brass set in a wood cup
- Rooster head, steel & brass with wood background in a steel cup
- Boxwood realistic animals

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Wood and Other Material Buttons:
- Diamond D square, signed, NBS large size
- Realistic Nut, carved wood, NBS large size
- Realistic African head, carved wood, NBS large size

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Painted Plaster Buttons:
- Realistic Asian person wearing a hat, NBS large size
- Realistic baby deer head, NBS large size

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Mostly Moveable Buttons:
- Glass & Wood Beads set in (loosely so they move) a fabric covered cup button
- Native American beaded design with leather dangles
- Glass beads & silky fabric with a tassel
- Black plastic shape with silky fabric a tassel

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Egyptian & Persian Buttons
- Scarabs, ceramic set in metal
- Persian warrior, tinted brass on pierced white metal modified square
- Sphinx, carved two-toned pearl 2-hole sew-thru

egyptian Thumbnail

Pearl & Shell Buttons:
- Smokey pearl with a brass escutcheon of Neptune riding his seahorse chariot
- Two color cut pearl Horseshoe on the hoof
- Laser etched & tinted shell Mushrooms
- Transfer on pearl Monkeys playing
- Transfer on pearl flower fairy

shell Thumbnail

Pearl & Shell Buttons:
- Large snail shell tops as buttons, back cut or filed off, metal loop shank
- Eiffel Tower with verbal, transfer on pearl
- Smokey pearl with enamel border
- Exotic bird and flowers, carved & tinted shell

pearls1 Thumbnail

Fun Buttons of People:
- Child posing, lithograph set in smokey pearl
- African Native flicker (movable) button

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People Depicted on Buttons
- Sailor boy carrying a fishing basket, flag and pail
- Sailor peering through a lifesaver
- Atlas holding up the world
- Artemis with her dog, signed: A Bargas
- Joan of Arc, signed Rasumny
- Joan of Arc carrying the flag of France

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People & Mythological People Buttons
- Medea in a handkerchief corner border, brass with tole finish
- Joan of Arc buttons, white metal
- Horse & Rider jumping a fence, 2-piece stamped brass
- "Little Lord Fauntleroy and His Dog", stamped & tinted brass
- Bare butt & naked beings on buttons

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Pictorial and Art Style Buttons:
- Realistic Strawberry, tinted brass in a couture shape
- Realistic Owl with a collar by Arthus Bertand, in Loic Allio's book, yellow metal
- Art Nouveau Iris, silvered brass with openwork
- Arc de Triumphe de L'etoile, tinted brass set in metal

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Pictorial Buttons:
- Picador on horseback, white metal, NBS medium size
- Sailor peering through a life preserver, tinted stamped brass with openwork & faceted cut-steel OME, NBS large size
- Sailor boy carrying a fishing basket, flag & pail, tinted stamped brass with openwork and a border of shells, NBS large size
- Buddha seated, realistic shape, stamped brass, NBS large size
- Boy wearing a hat that says TAPAGEUR (French for boisterous), tinted brass, NBS medium size
- Cherubs holding a mirror, tinted brass with white metal, NBS large size
- "St. Hubert & the Stag", BBB p.569 #4, brass with tinted background, NBS large size
- French Fop holding a flower, brass with tinted background, NBS large size
- Asian looking at the moon, tinted brass with a cut out white metal moon, NBS large size
- "Peary at the North Pole, stamped brass, NBS large size
- Peary sitting on the North Pole, stamped brass, NBS large size
- "Mi Eskimo", from Peary North Pole series, stamped brass, NBS medium size
- "Peary Coat", from Peary North Pole series, stamped brass, NBS medium size

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Pictorial Buttons:
- Buster Brown & Tige, stamped brass in a brass setting, NBS medium size
- Realistic Scarab beetle, heavy yellow metal, shank toward the middle top, signed: "MVK"", NBS large size
- Cherub riding a bird, French white metal, openwork, NBS large size
- Ship at sea, heavy brass, signed "F.S."" (Faith Strobel), NBS large size
- Funky figure in a top hat wearing an S, openwork, yellow metal, NBS large size
- Ashlee Woman surrounded by grapes, stamped brass, NBS large size

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Casein & Buttons of Other Materials:
- Bearded man wearing a headdress, incised & inked design
- Isosceles triangle, casein 4-hole with bakelite OME
- Casein Flowers hand painted by Edith & Allan Brooks
- Tinted Casein Turn-over design in a gorgeous blue color

caseins Thumbnail

Casein Buttons Depicting Asians Wearing Kimonos
- incised & monochrome painted

caseinasians Thumbnail

Polymer Buttons:
- Bakelite realistic flower
- Jelly Belly fish
- Design In Plastic (DIP) real flowers & leaves in acrylic oval shapes
- Acrylic reverse-carved & painted floral design

acrylics&bakelite Thumbnail

Synthetic Polymer Buttons:
- Turn again design by Scemama?, NBS large size
- Flowers and leaves, openwork by Scemama?, NBS large size
- Leaves with an interrupted border by Scemama?, openwork, NBS large size
- Egyptian Scarab by Henri Hamm, openwork, NBS large size

hamm&scemema Thumbnail

Plastic Synthetic Polymer Buttons:
- Realistic radish, painted heavy celluloid, NBS large size
- Realistic Houses, carved casein, NBS medium size
- Four Moths facing in 4 directions, celluloid, NBS xtra large size

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Black Bakelite & Casein Buttons:
- Exploding cannon ball, yellow metal on casein, NBS large size
- Man running with knife, brass on casein, NBS medium size
- Bull fighter with bulls border, copper on bakelite, NBS large size
- Sailboat, brass on bakelite, NBS large size
- Fox head, brass on bakelite, NBS large size

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Group of Fun Plastic Buttons:
- Feathers in Nylon ? with Design In Plastic details

plasticrealistics Thumbnail

Pretty & Unusual Porcelain Buttons:
- French Arc de Triumphe, porcelain transfer set in metal
- Dove with Three Flags, porcelain transfer set in metal
- Courting Couple, painted porcelain with gold double border
- Purple Viola flowers, painted 18th c. Meissen porcelain with 4-way self shank
- Blue flowers, painted 18th c. Meissen porcelain with 4-way self shank
- Rose and Rosebud, oval painted porcelain set in metal
- Lots of Dots overall patterns, painted porcelain set in metal
- Curvilinear patterns, painted porcelain set in metal

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Pretty Porcelain Buttons:
- Mennecy flowers, ships, Liverpool transfers and old cars

porcelain Thumbnail

Japanese Satsuma Buttons:
- Rare Satsuma ball buttons of flower designs
- Satsuma mother and child playing with a doll
- Satsuma woman in a traditional kimono attire

satsuma Thumbnail

Silver & Silver Filigree Buttons:
- Curvilinear & Dots patterns silver filigree button
- Hallmarked silver Child's Face with openwork border, Birmingham 1899 by Laurence Emanuel
- Bidri buttons from India of a maze, flowers, shapes and patterns

silvers Thumbnail

Peasant & Siam Silver Buttons:
- Pot Duang Siamese silver "bullet" buttons, c. 1850's
- Peasant silver toggle button with openwork
- Peasant silver filigree with turquoise centers

peasant Thumbnail

Silver Buttons:
- Patterns & symbols, Damascene with a silver back, NBS medium size
- Silver Filigree with openwork, NBS large size
- Native American silver, signed: "Alex Sanchez sterling", NBS medium size

silver&damascene Thumbnail

Peasant Silver Filigree Buttons
- Extra-large Austro-Hungarian, 1 & 3/4" tall, marked GR on the toggle
- Delicate filigree balls

peasantsilver Thumbnail

Silver Niello & Bidri Buttons:
- Ships, boats, buildings & designs

metals Thumbnail

Sporting and Hunting Buttons
- "Prosperity To Stag Hunting" on a belt with a stag head
- Detailed sporting subjects
- Sporting animals carved in a natural material, set in metal

sporting Thumbnail

Studio Buttons by Hope:
- owl, cat and teddy bear

hope Thumbnail

Elaborate Owl Buttons:
- hand painted & lacquered pierced wood

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Hand Painted & Lacquered Wood Buttons:
- Jack-o-lantern, pumpkin, leaf, landscapes and a flower face

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