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Porcelain & Wedgwood Ceramic Buttons
- Blue imagery transfer on white porcelain
- Asian playing an instrument in a scene, transfer on porcelain
- Cherub and a Rampant Lion, back marked Wedgwood set in silver

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Pretty Ladies On Porcelain Buttons
Scan - N13:

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Porcelain Buttons of People
Scan - N26:

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Pretty Porcelain Buttons
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Japanese Arita Porcelain Buttons
Scan - N29:

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More Japanese Arita Porcelain Buttons
Scan - N30:

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Japanese Kutani Porcelain Buttons
Scan - N95:

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Japanese Kutani Porcelain Buttons
Scan - N96:

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Pretty Porcelain Buttons:
- Royal Copenhagen Flower buttons
- 18th c. Mennency porcelain flowers
- Children's stories; Puss n Boots, Little Red Riding Hood & the Wolf, transfer on porcelain
- Insects, transfers on porcelain
- Pretty ladies, transfers & painted porcelain set in metal
- Napoleon & Josephine, transfers on porcelain

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Pretty Porcelain Flower Buttons:
- Yellow flowers, transfer on porcelain
- Mistletoe, transfer on porcelain
- Royal Copenhagen Iris, transfer on porcelain with back mark

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Pretty Ladies Porcelain Buttons:
- 19th c. Painted porcelain women with paste borders

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Cards of Porcelain buttons:

Porcelain buttons - Scan G
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