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Peasant Silver Filigree Buttons
- Extra-large Austro-Hungarian, 1 & 3/4" tall, marked GR on the toggle
- Delicate filigree balls

peasantsilver Thumbnail

Hallmarked & Other Unusual Silver Buttons
Scan - N33:

N33 Thumbnail

Hallmarked & Other Silver Buttons of Creatures etc...
Scan - N57:

N57 Thumbnail

Hallmarked & Other Silver Buttons of Pretty Women
Scan - N58:

N58 Thumbnail

Silver Niello & Bidri Buttons:
- Ships, boats, buildings & designs

metals Thumbnail

Liberty & Co. Silver Buttons :
- Leaves in a Yin-Yang type pattern;
Hallmarked: L & Co. CYMRIC, Birmingham 1902

Libertysilver Thumbnail

Native American (Zuni) Silver Duck Buttons:
- inlaid with shell & gemstones

indianducks Thumbnail

Hallmarked, Continental, Mexican and other Silver buttons

Unusual Silver Buttons - Scan A
silverA Thumbnail

Hallmarked & Other Silver Buttons - Scan A1
silverA1 Thumbnail

Mexican Silver Buttons - Scan B
silverB Thumbnail

Native American Silver Buttons - Scan D
silverD Thumbnail

Peasant & other Silver Buttons - Scan X
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