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Bakelite & Other Plastic Buttons:

*newbakelite Thumbnail

Animal Buttons in Assorted Materials:

*newmaterials Thumbnail

Buttons in Assorted Materials:

*newmaterialsB Thumbnail

Buttons in Assorted Natural Materials:

*newmaterialsC Thumbnail

Buttons in Assorted Metals:

*newmetals Thumbnail

18th & 19th Century Buttons:

18th&19thcenamels Thumbnail

18th & 19th Century Ceramic Buttons:

18thc&19thCceramics Thumbnail

Buttons Depicting Animals:

animals Thumbnail

More Buttons Depicting Animals

animalsmore Thumbnail

Buttons Depicting Birds

birds Thumbnail

Elaborate Owl Buttons

owls Thumbnail

Extra-large Casein Buttons

casein Thumbnail

Casein & Bakelite Buttons

caseinB Thumbnail

Fun Celluloid Buttons

celluloid Thumbnail

Ceramic & Porcelain Buttons

ceramicB Thumbnail

Unusual & Fun Ceramic Buttons

ceramicC Thumbnail

Ceramic & Jasperware Buttons

ceramicmore Thumbnail

Designer & Artist Buttons

designer Thumbnail

More Designer & Artist Buttons

designermore Thumbnail

Fantastic Enamel Buttons

enamels Thumbnail

Buttons Depicting Human Figures

figures Thumbnail

French White Metal Buttons

frenchwhites Thumbnail

Fun & Interesting Buttons

fun Thumbnail

More Fun & Interesting Buttons

fun Thumbnail

Human & Mythical Head Buttons

heads Thumbnail

Buttons Depicting Insects

insects Thumbnail

The Largest Wood 6-hole Bee Button:
- Pyrography on birch, 6" diameter

xlgbee Thumbnail

Wood & Bamboo Buttons

materialsA Thumbnail

Buttons of Assorted Materials

materialsB Thumbnail

Buttons of Assorted Wood

materialswood Thumbnail

Buttons of Assorted Metals

metals Thumbnail

Modern Glass Buttons

metals Thumbnail

Moveable Buttons

moveable Thumbnail

Buttons of Mythical Figures & Heads

mythical Thumbnail

Buttons Depicting Objects & Buildings

objectsetc Thumbnail

Glass & Glass In Metal Buttons

oldglass Thumbnail

Pearl and Shell Buttons

pearls Thumbnail

Buttons Depicting People

people Thumbnail

Battersea Pewter Buttons

pewter Thumbnail

Plant Life Buttons

plantlife Thumbnail

More Plant Life Buttons

plantlifemore Thumbnail

Assorted Plastic Buttons

plastics Thumbnail

Buttons Sea Creatures & Ships

sea Thumbnail

Marked Silver & Unmarked Silver Buttons

silver Thumbnail

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