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Group of Animal Buttons:
- Bucking & Galloping Horses, made by Fredrick Welch for Wedgwood set in silver, signed: FAW SILVER
- Foil Horse paperweight, made by John Gooderham
- Seal head, torch worked glass by Jari Sheese
- Cats floating in a shoe, pierced & tinted brass
- Wild Cat, hand carved wood made in Thailand
- Year of the Dog Zodiac , bone set in wood
- Dog listening to gramophone, tooled brass by Kevin Kinne, signed: KK 2003
- Giraffe laying down, stamped & colored sued leather by Cathy Mayer, signed: CM
- Exotic goat, colored Burwood
- Giraffe walking, hand carved vegetable ivory

animalmamals Thumbnail

Reptiles & Amphibian Buttons:
- Lizard with a long tail, stamped white metal
- Snake coiled around a structure, pierced white metal escutcheon over pearl
- Snake & crocodile fighting, pierced white metal
- Lizard on a fence with flowers, tinted & pierced brass
- Friendly Frog, ceramic, signed: CR 2000
- Turtle, Mexican (?) silver, back marked: 925

animalreptilesetc Thumbnail

Bamboo Animal & Other Buttons:
- Llama, Sculls, Cat, Rooster on top of Pig on top of Cow, Crab,
Sheep, Sea Turtle & Bulldogs, pyrography techniques

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Extra Extra Large Bamboo Bee Button:
- 6-hole sew-thru

bambooxlgbee Thumbnail

A Flock of Bird Buttons:
- Three flying swallows, French enamel with foil birds
- Clothed Rooster playing a guitar, back marked: TW & W PARIS
- Penguins, pyrography on bamboo
- Parrot head, cast aluminum by Herman Bangeman, signed: HN '04
- Parrot head, pewter with a head shank, back marked: Battersea 2006 Fine Pewter
- Peacock, pewter with a head shank, back marked: Battersea 2006 Fine Pewter
- Rooster crowing on top of wheat sheath, stamped brass with tole finish
- Two Parrots, reverse painted & foil underneath acrylic

birds Thumbnail

Fun Buttons:
- Cat meowing, torch worked glass with clear glass self shank
- Brooks Golliwogs, hand painted casein
- Ric or Rac dog, hand painted wood

funs Thumbnail

Elaborate Heart Buttons:
- hand painted & lacquered wood

hearts Thumbnail

Elaborate Owl Buttons:
- hand painted & lacquered pierced wood

owls Thumbnail

A Swarm of Insect Buttons:
- Moth or butterfly, transfer on celluloid set in metal
- Butterfly near flowers, fimo
- Bee with a border of circles in two NBS medium sizes of enamel
- Bakelite Bugs, three laminated pieces
- Beetle, transfer on casein
- Black Spider, ceramic
- Grasshopper, copper enamel
- Dragonfly, copper enamel
- Praying mantis & other flying bug, copper enamel
- Moth, copper enamel
- Butterflies, transfers on plastic

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