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Buttons of Patterns in Assorted Materials:

Squares in Circle Buttons - Scan AA
patternsAA Thumbnail

Square in Circle buttons - Scan 12
patterns12 Thumbnail

Cross Buttons - Scan A
patternsA Thumbnail

Fleur-de Lys Buttons - Scan C
patternsC Thumbnail

Paisely Buttons - Scan D
patternsD Thumbnail

Heart Buttons - Scan E
patternsE Thumbnail

Heart Buttons - Scan F
patternsF Thumbnail

Wallpaper Buttons - Scan G
patternsG Thumbnail

Design in Ttiplicate Buttons - Scan I
patternsI Thumbnail

Woven Patterns Buttons - Scan K
patternsK Thumbnail

Cards of buttons in Assorted Shapes

Square buttons - Scan 5
shapes5 Thumbnail

Square buttons - Scan 8
shapes8 Thumbnail

Four-sided Non-squares buttons - Scan B
shapesB Thumbnail

Rectangle & Odd shape buttons - Scan 13
shapes13 Thumbnail

Triangle buttons - Scan 2
triangles Thumbnail

Spindle buttons - Scan 15
shapes15 Thumbnail

Triangle buttons - Scan 16
shapes16 Thumbnail

Hexagon & Octagon buttons - Scan 4
shapes4 Thumbnail

Hexagon buttons - Scan 4A
shapes4A Thumbnail

Three-hole buttons - Scan A
threeholeA Thumbnail

Cards of Verbal & Number Buttons:

Verbal buttons - Scan 3
verbal3 Thumbnail

Letter & Mongram buttons - Scan 4
verbal4 Thumbnail

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