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Two Mushrooms on a Button in Two Colors
- Laser etched pearl

pearlmushrooms Thumbnail

Chestnut & Buckeye Buttons
Scan - N88:

N88 Thumbnail

2-piece Realistic Acorn Buttons:
- carved bone & gutta percha, gutta percha & bone, bone & bone

acorns Thumbnail

Plant Life Buttons:
- Handkerchief Border Ivy in three sizes, NBS small, medium & large

plantlife Thumbnail

Acorn Buttons - Scan 12A
plantlife12A Thumbnail

Many Cards of Plant Life Buttons

Flower Buttons - Scan 4
plantlife4 Thumbnail

Flower Buttons - Scan E1
plantlifeE1 Thumbnail

Flower Buttons - Scan E2
plantlifeE2 Thumbnail

Flower Buttons - Scan F1
plantlifeF1 Thumbnail

Leaves, Plants & Tree buttons:

Thistle Buttons - Scan 6
plantlife6 Thumbnail

Leaves & Plants Buttons - Scan B
plantlifeB Thumbnail

Leaves & Plants Buttons - Scan 33
plantlife33 Thumbnail

Wheat Buttons - Scan 6A
plantlife6A Thumbnail

Trees & Plants Buttons - Scan 9
plantlife9 Thumbnail

Vegetables Buttons - Scan 13
plantlife13 Thumbnail

Grapes Buttons - Scan 14
plantlife14 Thumbnail

Fruit Buttons - Scan 15
plantlife15 Thumbnail

Fruit Buttons - Scan 15B
plantlife15B Thumbnail

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