Deb & Jane's 2004 National Button Show Award Results!!!

#10. Ruth Ann Huntzicker Memorial Award
Div. IX, Sec. 7-A, Cl. 147.5
30 Any Size.
Wood with laminated or inlayed plastic embellishment.
No balance required.

1st Place - Jane Quimby

Here is a close-up of Jane's tray.

JQwood&plastics Thumbnail
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Here are close-ups of Deb's trays.
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#221. Div. IX, Sec. 22, Cl. 394
Medium crests assorted. Dorothy Fittz award.

1st Place - Deborah Hanson

DHliverys Thumbnail

#222. Div. IX, Sec. 22, Cl. 394.1
25 any size
Crests, animal life.
Other subject matter including people may be included,
but focus must be on animal.
From her friends on this side of the Atlantic
in memory of Dorothy Speculo.

2nd Place - Deborah Hanson

DHanimalliverys Thumbnail

#224. Div. IX, Sec. 22, Cl. 394.1
Medium crests, specialized to lions.

1st Place - Deborah Hanson

DHlionliverys Thumbnail

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