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Shibori Buttons by Jane Quimby
- Hand dyed fabric using the Shibori technique

Jane Quimby Shibori - Scan P1
studioP1 Thumbnail

Fused Glass buttons by Jane Quimby

studio12 Thumbnail

China/Calico Click this link to see her buttons

Nerikomi Porcelain & Creamic buttons
by John Quimby

These are unique porcelain or other ceramic buttons
hand made in the Japanese technique of Nerikomi;
a layering of colored clay into patterns.
Some patterns go throughout the clay,
while others are surface decoration.

studio11 Thumbnail

China/Calico Click this link to see his buttons

Rt. 66 Ceramic Buttons:
- made by Shelley Saylor, ceramic artist from NH

rt66 Thumbnail

Hand made Ceramic Buttons:
- made by Anna Hranovska, ceramic artist from NH

Scan - N42:

N42 Thumbnail

Hand Made Ceramic Buttons by Anna Hranovska
Scan - N76:

N76 Thumbnail

Anna Hranovska - Scan - AH:
studioAH Thumbnail

Anna Hranovska - Scan - AH2:
studioAH2 Thumbnail

Torch Worked Glass Buttons by Martha Williams:
- The cutest realistic House in many different colors
- Realistic Turtles in clear and colored glass
- SEW-THRU paperweights in Square and Rectangle shapes

MWglass Thumbnail

A Fabulous & Fun Group of Torch Work Glass Buttons
- by Jari Sheese from Indiana

Scan - N93
N93 Thumbnail

Scan - N93A
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Jari Sheese - Scan 13
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Ceramic Snowflake buttons
by Barbara Lane, all signed on back - BL
$15.00 - smaller size
$25.00 - larger size

BLsnowflakes Thumbnail

Cards of Studio buttons in Assorted Materials

Studio Buttons - Scan 7A
studio7A Thumbnail

Studio Buttons - Scan A
studioA Thumbnail

Wonderful hand carved wood buttons
- Frank Rossi of California

Hand Made Buttons by Frank Rossi
Scan - N56:

N56 Thumbnail

Frank Rossi Buttons - Scan B

Frank Rossi Buttons - Scan B1

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